Sunday, September 12, 2010

My weekend....

I'll post some pics soon. I am too tired to go upstairs and get my camera.
On Friday, my sister Angie (aka Ralphie) and I drove up to Idaho to Jenny's house. We left all of our kids behind with the husbands. That was the nicest drive. We didn't even have to stop at all for a potty break. We had a good long chat without any interruption.
We were actually going to watch Leslie and my mom do the Viking Man Triathlon. Mom did the Olympic and Leslie did the 1/2 Ironman. Afterwards, I think Leslie wished she would have done the Olympic instead. Mom swam 1 mile, biked 29 and then ran a 10K. Leslie swam 1.25 miles, biked 58 and then ran a half-marathon. Leslie didn't feel so well by the end. But we were proud of her for finishing. That takes a lot of guts!
I actually ran one mile of the run with Leslie. It was a really slow mile (like a 12 minute mile). But hey, I ran a mile!!!! After that, and a whole day of walking around, my leg felt really crappy. I think a mile is my limit right now. I really can't complain. I no longer limp. I'm not in a wheelchair. I am so much better.

Now I know how all of you non-runners feel. Running isn't euphoric or awesome right now. It feels crappy and I don't enjoy it. It still feels a little like weight-lifting to get my leg to keep moving like it should. But I know that it will get easier. Someday I'll get back to where running is easy and fun.

I totally love my kids and husband. But it was sure nice to get a break at Jenny's house. I didn't have to take care of anyone. I actually sat around some and watched TV. I love hanging out with my sisters. And I liked that Jenny keeps several cartons of cream in her fridge. She puts cream and milk on her cereal every morning. So of course we all did the same. Having grown up with a milk cow and creamy milk, most of us love cream.

Jenny is one of my best friends. She really is awesome. She is patient with her 5 kids. She does so many things. When we came up for breakfast, she was pulling a birthday cake out of the oven for someone she visiting teachers. We all packed in her vehicle so she could drop Ralphie and I off at the race while she went to Austin's football game. She lives out in the middle of nowhere. Actually what they call outside of town. As soon as we got into town, Ethan calls out from the back seat that he didn't wear any shoes. Its too long of a drive to go back for shoes. So, we stopped at a store while she ran into to buy another pair. Meanwhile, Spencer mentioned that he just mowed a pair of Ethans shoes when he mowed the lawn the day before. She didn't even seem upset by the shoes. She just moved on to the next task. Jenny is one tough cookie. She handles things well.
It was a good weekend. And some good R&R for me. And everyone loved me when I came home. Anna even wanted to have ice cream to celebrate. Really just an excuse for ice cream. :)