Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dan's first Half-Marathon

Caleb holding a sign for Dad. I thought it was cute that he wrote "Run like a road runner" at the bottom.

Mile 13.

Dan ran his first half-marathon ever! It was the Bear Lake Half-Marathon. I am proud of him. He is trying hard to get back into good running shape after all these years of marriage. He is already planning to do another half-marathon. We got him a running water belt pack thing for Father's Day.

We stayed in a cabin with Dan's family at Bear Lake for a few days. The weather was cold for this time of year, so the lake wasn't much fun at all. My brother-in-law Tom ran the half-marathon too. He is really fast for so little training. Dan's sister Liz was training for it too, but ended up doing the 5K instead because of an injury. They both did well in their races.

Watching people run makes me quite envious. But I wouldn't trade this baby for anything in the world. I tried to run a few times this pregnancy. It has been one of my hardest pregnancies, if not the hardest. I've had low iron and been extremely tired. I end up with contractions from walking up the stairs. If I do too much, I get consistent contractions and have to lie down. 2 months and 1 week to go.