Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Fun

We went camping at Payson Lake for a couple of Days. The lake was really beautiful. It was perfect for swimming and rafting. We saw some people with surf boards and oars. That looked fun! Maybe next year.

Dan bought a gigantic bag of gummy worms. I think that's what Anna and Alex subsisted off of.

Caleb being silly like usual.

This was the first time we actually brought our dog along. Our kids loved having the dog along. Our dog liked it, but wasn't happy that he wasn't allowed in the lake too.

I must say that Dan is much better rowing the boat than me. Its a lot harder than it looks. He took a lot of trips out to the middle with the kids. I only went out once or twice, and not very far. I mostly rowed in circles. I gave up on the oars and rowed with my hands for a while too. Rachel jumped out in the middle of the lake (its not that big) and swam back. She was wearing a life jacket, so we weren't worried she was going to drown. She thought that was great.
A couple of funny things that happened:

First, in the middle of the night on the first night, our bed in the tent-trailer partially collapsed. I guess the previous owner fixed it, but obviously not very good. We were sleeping---well I wasn't cause I had heartburn---and all of the sudden our bed dropped a foot. Dan was startled awake and said a 4 letter word. One of our kids happened to be awake and heard this. Let's just say, Dan probably hasn't heard the end of that. We made do with sleeping with the bed mostly pushed in the trailer instead of pulled-out. Dan is going to fix it the right way. I keep telling him we should get one last camping trip in before I have the baby, but he's too worried that I'll go into labor while we're camping.

The other funny thing was Alex. He decided that he wanted to go wash his hands in the faucet by the outhouse without telling anyone where he was going.
We suddenly heard him screaming and running hysterically towards us. Right as he got to me, he tripped and fell. (Ok, that wasn't funny). He said that a giant truck was chasing him. He happened to be walking right down the middle of a one-lane road, so the truck was slowly following him since he didn't get out of the way. I guess he thought they were chasing him. Probably doesn't sound too funny, but it was so laughable at the time.

We had a great time and will definitely go back camping there again.

Alex on a ride at the SL County fair.

Cassie, Caleb and Rachel decided to try out a ride that was a bit scary at the fair. Rachel and Caleb did not feel well after this ride. I guess they get motion sick. They didn't want to ride anything else after this one. I stopped at Wendy's for a frosty for everyone on the way home. Neither of them felt good enough to eat theirs. They did eat theirs later after recovering on the couch for a while.

Anna riding the motorcycle. My nephew Jake is in the background. Part way through the ride, he decided he didn't like it, and screamed the rest of the time. Anna and Alex didn't want to get off.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

36 week appointment

I am still measuring big. I am measuring 38 cm when I should be 36. I am dialated to 1 and 50% effaced. I sure hope this baby comes early. Here's a picture at 35 weeks. In all of my other pregnancies, I avoided ever getting my picture taken. This time, I figure that it won't last forever, and I want to remember what I looked like.

My sister Angie just highlighted my hair today. Jenny is going to give me a haircut later today. It makes me feel a lot better to get my hair done. Last week was ponytail week, as you can see from the pic.