Saturday, October 10, 2009

A little poem I made up about Alex

The boy with the Mischievious Grin

I have a little boy with a mischievious grin
If you leave the room, you'll never know what shape it will be in

The bathroom sink is running
The toilet is overflowing
The door is unlocked
Who knows where the toddler is going?

The dishes are dirty
The dishwasher got stopped
The fridge door is open
Looks like the floor needs to get mopped

The couch cushions are on the floor
The computer has 3 cd's in
The vacuum has been emptied
The family room looks like its been through a war

There's a new mural on the wall
The diaper he was wearing now sits in the hall
The blankets are no longer on the bed.
And I find my little boy with a silly hat on his head.

He smiles with a big mischievious grin
I want to yell about what big trouble he's in
But instead I smile
And hope this stage only lasts a little while.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My little Anna is 4!!

Today is Anna's 4th birthday. We are having a party, but not the usual kind. We are having a "sick party". Rachel, Caleb, and Anna all have a fever and a cough. They are on the couches watching Anna's new Barbie movie. Anna has it the mildest so far. But as I've discovered from the older two, it starts with a mild fever and then turns to a high fever. I hope she still has a fun day.
Anna is such a joy. From the time we brought her home from the hospital, she has really brightened up our home. I love her cute, curly hair. Her little laugh makes me smile. Anna does everything whole-heartedly. She jumps up and down just at the mention of preschool.

She was born a few days after General Conference. I remember walking between conference sessions trying to go into labor. It did no good. I was scheduled to be induced on Oct 5. I was having false labor almost every day. On the morning I was scheduled to be induced, the hospital called and canceled it. They had too many people come in during the night and had no room. I cried. But it was all remedied a day later when I was induced. She was my fastest labor and delivery. From start to finish, it was 2 hours and 49 minutes (according to my chart).

I am so thankful for my little girl. I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.