Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time for Swimming Again

It got up over 80 degrees yesterday according to the thermometer in my van. Every day when we drive out of our neighborhood the kids ask me when the pool is going to open, and when it will be warm enough to swim. A few weeks ago, I told them it had to be 80 degrees before they could swim.
After we picked up Rachel from school, Caleb headed out the back door in his swimming suit. He was headed for the hose. I immediately told him no way. Our yard is just dirt right now, since we are in the middle of putting in a sprinkler system. So, I agreed to let him swim in the bathtub. Rachel and Anna quickly put on swimming suits and joined him in the bathtub.
All went well.....until Anna peed in the tub. That ended the swimming party and we had to switch tubs and give everyone a bath.
Here's a picture I took of them swimming in the tub.

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's been a while...

I haven't written for a while for one simple reason--I couldn't remember my username and password. And I couldn't remember what my gmail email address was because I've never used it. So I couldn't retrieve it. I think having my fourth child must have done me in........I seem more forgetful lately.
Today I went with Caleb on his walking field trip to the green house. Since I didn't have a babysitter, I brought Anna and Alex along in the stroller. It was kind of muddy, but thankfully nobody ended up mud-covered. When we got there, they had about 10-15 greenhouses for the kids to look through. At the first greenhouse the kids were really interested. By the time we got to the last greenhouse, the kids were running through it like a maze. I could hardly keep up with my assigned group. And the stroller wouldn't fit down the greenhouse aisles, so I had to leave it out. Caleb ended up tripping when he was running through the greenhouse maze, and scraped his knee pretty good. The kids all proudly came home with a flower to plant. I tried to convince Caleb to wait until tomorrow to plant it, since we are in the middle of putting in a sprinkler system, and one of the few spots that isn't dug up yet, is the flowerbed. Well, Caleb headed outsided and dug a hole and planted his flower anyways. I hope it doesn't get ruined tomorrow or he'll be sad.
We are watching my parent's dog Duke while they are gone to Arizona. He is a nice, well-behaved dog. But I just don't like dogs in the house. And there's no way we can keep him outside with how muddy everything is. He keeps following me around the house. I might take him running tomorrow morning. But only if I want to run a fast run. Mom has gotten so much faster since she got Duke. He has a pretty fierce bark but is a wussy dog.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Time Flies

Sometimes it seems like Alex was just born yesterday. I can't believe it has been almost 6 months. He is starting to roll and grab things. I have found him with Easter grass in his mouth twice.
It has been a few weeks since Easter. Anna spread her Easter grass throughout the whole basement. I have vacumed several times. But there must still be a few pieces of Easter grass out there, because Alex seems to find it. Then again, he lays on the floor a good portion of the day, and can probably spot everything that I can't see from my view. I think next year, I'll skip putting grass in the Easter baskets. It easier to find the candy without the grass anyways.
Alex is such a cute baby. I love it when I am holding him and talking to him, and he smiles and makes noises back.
Two months ago, I was sitting in Relief Society holding Alex. When the opening song started, I started singing. Alex started laughing hysterically. He laughed the whole time I was singing. I must sound pretty funny. :)
Rachel and I have been watching American Idol this season. The other day when we were driving in the van, I was singing as I was driving. Rachel said, "Mom, I don't think you should ever try out for American Idol". I laughed.
Well, it seems Alex is demanding some attention, so I'll write more another time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Funny things my kids have said

I keep meaning to write down all of the funny things my kids say, before I forget them. So, let's see if I can remember some of the funny things.

Last year, when Anna was about 16 months old, she looked at a dollar bill sitting on the kitchen table. She said, "Look, its Jesus". I said, nope that's not Jesus. Then she said, "Its Grandpa!". I laughed a bit.

One of the most embarassing things ever has to be Halloween 2006. I was trick-or-treating with the kids. We went to our neighbors next door. Their yard was un-kept and they had dead plants in pots on their porch. After Rhonda (neighbor) gave us candy, Rachel said, "You don't need to decorate for Halloween." The neighbor replied, "Why not?" Rachel said, "Because your house already looks scary". I was so embarrased that she would say that.

I didn't used to make boiled eggs very often. On Easter when Caleb was 3 years old, he cracked open his Easter egg. When he got to the yolk in the middle, he came running up to me excited. He said, "Mom! There's a ball of butter in the middle of my egg".

When Rachel was about 4, she got into my makeup one Sunday afternoon when we were all napping. When I started to scold her, she said, "But I felt so beautiful". I still remember it quite clearly. She was so cute.

When we went camping a few years ago, Rachel was scared on the way to the outhouse, when it was dark outside. She told me she was afraid of bears. I told her, "Don't worry, if a bear comes to eat you, I will let it eat me instead." Then she burst out crying, "But Mom, I don't want you to get eaten by a bear". I guess I didn't make her feel any better.