Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Day of school etc.

Rachel all ready for the first day of school.

Caleb ready for school. He has gotten several teeth out this summer, in case you can't tell.

This morning I was hoping to sleep in, but I got woken up by two kids with a fever. After I got them Motrin, I looked out and saw the sunrise. The clouds were awesome, so I went and got my camera. I loved how I could see the sunrays. Maybe I should start getting up earlier. :)

Look at the size of this beet from our garden! It is as big as Dan's head. No, we didn't eat it. We cooked a few beets, and the rest got stuffed in the downstairs fridge. I need to throw them all away now.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Caleb's Baptism, Car crash and more....

Caleb was baptized on the last Saturday of July. He was very excited and nervous. I am proud of him. He is such a good boy. He was worried that the water was going to be cold, but it wasn't.

I got to fill in as the pianist in the chapel since the person who was supposed to play the piano never showed up. I thought they would make us go last since I was playing the piano, but surprisingly they let us go second and asked for any volunteers to play the piano.

Last week after I dropped Rachel and Caleb off at swimming lessons, I got in a car accident. It was not my fault. I was driving down the road after pulling out of the parking lot. I was only going about 30-35 miles an hour because I was still accelerating. A woman thought I was slowing down to turn, not speeding up. She pulled out right into me. It totaled my mini-van and hers. Nobody was hurt. Alex did end up with a seatbelt line on his neck. Anna cried a lot because she was upset that someone ruined our van. The police officer brought her and Alex a stuffed animal, and she immediately cheered up.

I really hated my old van, so I wasn't too sad to see it wrecked. It was a bit of an inconvenience. We've now purchased a newer van that I like much, much better. The lady who crashed into me (who just happened to be on her way to swimming lessons with her kids) felt really bad. She even sent me a note in the mail apologizing and thanking me for being so nice to her at the crash. I thought that was cute. I am thankful that we were all protected from serious injury.

Rachel and Caleb just finished up another round of swimming lessons. Caleb is really good at diving. Rachel is getting to be a very good swimmer. She came home so tired every day from swimming laps for nearly an hour. I can't believe how much Rachel has improved. Two years ago, I had to jump in and save her with my clothes on.

One day when I picked Rachel up from swimming, she was really annoyed. She said that a boy in her class was bugging her. I asked what he was doing, and she said that he keeps saying she is cute. I thought that was funny. Maybe in a few years she'll appreciate boys telling her that she's cute.

Rachel aka the bookwork, has read over 5000 pages this summer. I don't even know how many books that is. She was supposed to read 1000 pages. If she has a good book, she will disappear in her room for hours.
My leg strength and coordination is still slowly improving. I've started going to a chiropractor as well as physical therapy. I think the chiropractor is helping. For some strange reason, I still have a hard time with toe coordination. They always ask me to move my big toe up or down, and it is really hard. Its almost funny to me.
Rachel and Caleb are going back to school soon. Anna will be going back to preschool soon too. We are all looking forward to it.