Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bear Lake 2013

 Dan relaxing in the shade at Bear Lake.
 All my kiddos eating breakfast before our day at the lake.
 Rachel built a grand sandcastle when we were at the lake.

We went on a hike to Bloomington Lake.  When we went around the corner, there was a moose standing in a pond eating grass.  Thankfully, the moose didn't care about us.  And I zoomed in for this picture.  I didn't actually get that close to the moose.

 On the hike.
 Alex on the hike.
 Dan and Sam on our hike to Bloomington Lake.
Caleb was really tired on the drive home.

We made a quick trip to Bear Lake this week.  We stayed two nights, and only had one full day at the Lake.  We spent several hours at Bear Lake just playing in the water and sand.  Then we went on a hike to Bloomington Lake.  It was a fun, short hike.  We saw a moose on our hike.  Thankfully it didn't care about us.  We topped off the day with yummy shakes.  We came home tired.