Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Counting down :)

When I went to my check-up today, they already scheduled my Ultrasound. 6 more weeks!!! Then I can start buying baby clothes. And painting the nursery. We finished painting the boys' room in the basement, but we haven't moved them down yet. Need a few more finishing touches. Then their old room is gonna be the nursery.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Our latest news.....

Probably most of you have already heard. Our kids couldn't keep it quiet very long. And I look like I ate a couple dozen doughnuts.

We're expecting baby #5!!

Due September 3. I have had my last 3 babies a week early, even when I wasn't induced. So, I'm hoping the last week of August.

A few years ago, we decided we were done having babies. We gave away all the baby stuff and maternity stuff. My mom said, "If you give away all your stuff, that means your gonna have another baby someday". She was right. I guess when you are still in your 20's its a little young to declare that you are done, unless the hubby has gotten the good ol' V. Its okay though. My clothes were old. The crib was falling apart. The carseat got re-called.

We are excited. My kids were hoping for twins. Thankfully it is just one. Anna wants to name it Calorie. She has no idea what a calorie is. Alex wants to name it Darth Vader. Since we already have 2 girls and 2 boys, it really doesn't matter to me if it is a girl or boy. Our kids are evenly divided: the girls want a girl, and the boys want a boy.

I usually feel good early in the day, but awful at the end of the day. I guess you could say I get "evening-sick" instead of morning-sick.

I am hoping to make it a few more weeks without maternity clothes. My tummy really doesn't hide anything.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Tuesday Ramble

It almost seems funny to me that its already February. Seems like it was just New Year's.

Rachel has started the swim team at the fitness center. She enjoys it, but it is exhausting. Some days she swims nearly a mile and does push-ups too. I keep reminding her that she doesn't have to do the whole workout. I don't want to her stunt her growth with excessive exercising. I am still a volunteer in her class once a week during reading groups. I enjoy it.
Do you know that she's really growing up? Here's some strange things about her now.
1. She likes baking soda and peroxide toothpaste. No more bubblegum flavored princess toothpaste.
2. She does not like "straw-bowls" at breakfast anymore. She used to fight with the other kids about what bowl color she got. Now she just does not like straw-bowls.
3. She is too tall for playland now. When we went to arctic circle yesterday, she played a little and then came back and sat down. That was strange!
4. She likes to do her own hair. One day, I tried to help her and I re-did what she had done with her hair. She burst out into tears. Oops! I guess I won't help her with her hair.

I've been making my other kids take swimming lessons. I don't care if they ever do it as a sport, but I want them to swim well enough that they won't drown. After all, I have 4 kids and only 2 arms. I enjoy taking them swimming during the summer.

Caleb just passed level 3 in swimming. He was excited about passing. I think I am going to sign him up for level 4 so he can be an even better swimmer by summer. Anna just passed level 1. She loves water. She always wants to wear goggles in the bathtub so she can put her face in.

Alex has suddenly gotten addicted to video games. Probably because its so dang cold outside that we don't do much these days. He is excited to go to preschool in the fall.

I am dreaming of spring and summer. Pretty soon I'm gonna plant some seeds indoors. I did that last year, and I loved how my flowers looked. It gives me something to do during these cold miserable months.