Sunday, September 27, 2009

Corn Belly's

While Dan and I were gone this weekend, my mom and Becca took our kids to Corn Belly's. We had so much fun last year with the kids that I was a little disappointed that my mom wanted to take them while we were gone. But Ralphie was going, and I knew the kids would have lots of fun going with their cousins. I told them they had to take pictures for me. So, Becca took pictures.

I am really thankful for Mom, Becca, and Leslie for taking such good care of my kids. They had so much fun while we were gone. They even got one last swim in at Leslie's house since the weather was warm.

Fall is Beautiful!

Dan and I spent a day at Aspen Grove for a marriage retreat. We had tons of fun. We really enjoyed spending time together without the kids. The colorful fall leaves were so beautiful! Everywhere you turned it was yet another scene of brilliant colors. We hope to go back again next year for the retreat, but also for the great scenery.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

No wonder there are so many wasps around.....

This summer my kids got stung by wasps several times. Alex has the record of being stung 4 times. One day when we were outside, Rachel pointed out this massive wasp nest in one of the neighbors' trees. It is huge! It is bigger than a birds nest. No wonder we've had so many wasps this summer!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Day of School

Monday was the first day of school for Caleb and Rachel. They were both excited but nervous about starting the new school. Rachel her clothes picked out for a week or two before school started. Caleb battled with me the night before because he didn't want to wear "boring clothes". I let him go through all of the color combinations, and he finally settled on what to wear. The next day, I tried to get him to wear his blue pants. He was adamant that he would not wear them because the blue pair had a hook like "Sunday Pants" instead of buttons. After three days in a row of the exact same outfit, he relented and wore the blue ones. Then he discovered that the blue ones are much easier to undo so now he loves them.

Anna started preschool on Tuesday. She was so excited. She had a great time and now asks me what day it is every day.
The other picture is just a picture I took of her this morning. She was happy that I let her pick a rose. She wears dresses 90% of the time. So, it was a miracle that I got her to wear pants to preschool both days.