Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Rachel really wanted a remote control spider. Santa had to look a few places to find one.
Anna was excited about all of her Polly Pockets.

Alex was so into playing his new leapster, that I couldn't get him to look at the camera.

Caleb with his new crystal growing kit.

Rachel got a camera for Christmas, and took this picture of me and Anna. Now, you might actually start seeing me in a few pictures. Can you tell I colored my hair? Its really just a shade darker with a little bit of red.

Rachel was a beautiful angel.

My boys were silly shepherds!

Anna was really excited to be Mary. She took it really seriously and was very solemn.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Being Grateful

Since Dan had the day off for Christmas Eve, we decided to go running together this morning. He hasn't really run much for a few months. I run a mile here and there. We decided that we would go 2 miles together. Rachel is old enough to be in charge at home while we go running for a few minutes.
I must say, the run really sucked. It has been so long since I've run that far. And about a year and a half since I have run with Dan. I was certain that I could keep up with him. But I could not. After about 3/4 a mile, my leg felt like weight-lifting to move. He stopped off and on for me to catch up. By the time we got back home, I was so discouraged, I cried. What has happened to me? I can barely shuffle along and call it running. My leg hurts so bad after a really slow short run. After a pity-party I started thinking of all I am grateful for.
When I was playing the piano today, I remembered how lucky I am that its my left leg that has problems. I use my right leg for the pedal. And for the gas pedal when I'm driving. I can go up and down my stairs so quickly compaired to what I used to. When I was at my worst, I kept missing the phone when it would ring because I could not get to it fast enough. Heck, I have legs!! I have a cousin who had to have both of his legs amputated. I can't complain. I've got it good!

I have a husband and four wonderful kids. How blessed I am! I know there are some that want to be married that are not. I know there are some that want children but cannot. I certainly shouldn't take this for granted.

A little while later, I drove past the Murray Cemetary. As I drove past, I saw two people embracing and crying at a grave. My heart ached for them. I was recently assigned to visiting teach a new woman in our ward whose husband died two months ago. As I visited with her, and she cried, I wished that I could make it all better for her. But I can't make it all better. My nieces and nephew lost their father this year. I've been thinking of them and their first Christmas without him.

How thankful I am for the plan of salvation! I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us. He is the one that can make things all better. He is the one that atoned for our sins. He is the one that truly knows all of our pain and sorrow. He is the one that makes it possible for us to be with our families forever someday.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The week before Christmas....

Time seems to be flying by so quickly this month!

Last Monday was my birthday. Dan bravely took all 4 kids shopping by himself and picked me out some nice presents. In the evening, we went to my parents house for soup and dessert. My mom always makes Strawberry Cream Cheese pie for me. I love it! I think our kids were more excited for my birthday than I was.

Tuesday we had Caleb's program at school. It was overcrowded, and by the end I bribed Rachel into going home with Anna & Alex and paying her to babysit. Dan had to leave early because he had to go to tithing settlement. (He's the financial clerk now). So, he took them home. I enjoyed it much more after Anna and Alex weren't there complaining and trying to run off. Caleb is so funny. He looked and me and smiled most of the time his class was up there. He told me that his music teacher told them not to look at their parents during it. He confessed that he looked at me at least half of the time. Funny boy!

Wednesday was Rachel's school Christmas program. She looked really cute in her reindeer antlers. Dan stayed home with Anna and Alex after how well the night before went. I was surprised that they sang some religious songs like Silent night and O Come O Come Emmanuel. Their school does not promote any religion. But they sang songs of all religions and cultures.

On Friday, I went with my mom, niece and sister to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert. We left really early, but traffic was terrible. Luckily, I got the bright idea that we should take 600 N. We parked and made in there in time to get in. Many people didn't get in, even with tickets. David Archuleta has a great voice. This is the 4th Mo-Tab concert I've been to. My very favorite was Sissel about 5 years ago. David Archuleta probably ranks second in the ones I've been to. I love hanging out with the girls in my fam!

Last night, we had the Marchant family Christmas party. I must admit that it gets a bit crazy. There's now about 25 grandkids. Add that to 8 kids, 5 spouses, 1 fiance (Becca's), and a couple of extras. That's nearly 50 people. My mom carefully picks out and wraps presents for everyone. She really likes to shop on Black Friday, so she can get cool presents for less money.
Becca's fiance Brandon is a chef. He made some really tasty garlic mashed potatoes. I think I'll like having a chef in the family. They both look so happy together.
I really love hanging out with my family. Usually Christmas is the only time the whole entire family is there. Too bad Christmas isn't in the summer, because we would have loved to send all the kids outside to play.
My parents driveway is significantly shorter than it used to be. When people were leaving, we had to play musical cars. I think everyone got to move their car multiple times. The driveway is missing half the cement and is quite a mudpit. Someday the road construction will be done.

Our kids are out of school the whole week. Its sure nice to have a break from driving kids everywhere.

That's about my week in a nutshell. :) No pics to go with it . Sorry!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just a random blog update

Dan and recently celebrated our 12th anniversary. I can't believe it has already been that long! We had a wonderful night without our kids. (Thanks to my in-laws for taking them) The other day I ran to Walgreens late at night. I noticed an engaged couple on our street out kissing by their car. I had to smile. It reminded me of the good old days of kissing Dan by the car. We always hated to go to our own homes at night. I love Dan, and I am glad he's my husband.

We had a good Thanksgiving. We had a lunchtime Thanksgiving dinner with my family, and a dinnertime Thanksgiving dinner with Dan's family. Dan's mom make the best orange rolls ever! Both families make different items, and I like that.

On Saturday night, we took our kids to the live nativity in Alpine. (Thanks, Sinika for posting it on your blog.) Anna fell asleep on the way there. For those of you that know Anna, you know that she screams a lot when she wakes up. She woke up very crabby. She cried while we were waiting, unless Dan held her. Good thing she's not a heavy 5-year-old. They take you to the nativity from the church in a horsetrailer with hay bales. As soon as we sat down, the people in the trailer starting singing Christmas carols. Anna sure cheered up! She thought it was great. Our kids loved seeing the animals. Especially the camels.
The part with Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus was nicely done. They even had a real baby. It was actually very sweet. After the nativity, they served hot chocolate. I am already hearing, "When we go back next year...." from all of our kids. It was a great way to start the Christmas season.

On Monday, we had our Christmas piano recital. I combine my 5 students with the teacher who teaches my two older kids. They all did a great job! This was Anna's first piano recital. I don't normally teach kids so young, but Anna has really wanted to learn. S0, I started teaching Anna in September. She played "We Three Kings". She loves that song now, and always wants to hear it on my Ipod. I am proud of my kids and my piano students!