Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 Years: My little Anna!

This is just the start of all of October Happenings. This is my reflection on Anna. What a joy she is to our family!

One year old





You can't see her eyes well in this last picture. But I liked how intently she was looking at her candles.
Anna has such beautiful curly hair! It is not very fun to fix though. Her hair is actually quite long. It goes halfway down her back. Since it is curly, you can't tell. She loves her hair in braids.
I love how Anna goes around singing a lot. Last week she was out in the backyard playing singing loudly about what a beautiful day it was. It was a beautiful day. It made me smile.
I love how she gives me such sweet kisses when I drop her off at preschool.
Her favorite books are "Froggy" books. She loves playing with friends. She loves Land Before Time. (That cursed movie with about 100 sequels)
I am glad I have this sweet little girl for my daughter.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dan and the couch....

Anna and Alex had birthdays and I have a lot of pictures and stuff to update. But I haven't uploaded the pictures yet. So here's a picture-less story instead.

We had some dark green couches in the basement that really got on my bad list. Every day when I came downstairs, someone had pulled a handfull of cotton out of the inside of the couch and thrown it all over the floor. One guilty child admitted that it bugged him that it wasn't sewn up so he couldn't help it. I guess the devil made him do it. :) Two other guilty children pled innocent. Then two someones peed on the couch recently. The couch was disassembled and cleaned and put back together again.

After being sick with strep for a few days, and getting a few days behind on the cotton-picking-up, I decided the couches had to go. We convinced some neighbors to help us load them in the truck to take to DI. DI did not want to couches. So, off to the dump they went.

Dan picked up our new sectional in his truck, and came home with it. After we got it home, it got a bit tricky. First, Dan tried the side-door of the house with the first piece. It got stuck. After a bit of manuevering, we took it around back through the sliding glass door. This too was a tight fit. Dan was convinced if I squished the cussions down enough while he pushed that it would fit in the door. It did--sort of. It made a few little scrapes on the bottom of the brand new couch. And it took a lot of effort.

After the back door ordeal, I questioned whether it would fit in the basement. Of course it would Dan said. And we couldn't take them back now that we damaged them a little. I don't think a sectional on the deck was what we had in mind.

First, Dan took off the railing to get the piece of sectional down the stairs. Then, we pushed and shoved. And the couch got stuck in the doorway at the bottom of the stairs. An hour or two later, we got it unstuck and back up the stairs.

Then, Dan started a demolition project. He always hated the door and doorway that led into the basement anyway. So, off with the door and the door frame.

Next, another neighbor came and helped Dan get it downstairs. Then comes the second piece of the sectional. Did we learn anything from the first piece? Yes, it doesn't fit in any of the exterior doors. So, they removed the glass door from the sliding glass door in the back yard. This piece made it through the door without any damage. And down the stairs to the basement without getting stuck anywhere.

So, the moral of the story: If you are buying a new couch measure all of the openings on the way to where it is going. Otherwise, you might be in for a home remodel.

At least I hadn't painted the downstairs yet. I am slowly painting the whole house and I didn't get to it yet.