Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some Random stuff

I'm so behind on actually blogging about events, so here's just a glimpse of things from the past several months.
 This is Sam while we were camping.  It's amazing how fast kids get their faces dirty while you are camping.
 Our dog Buddy came along with us on most of our trips.  If you can't tell, Caleb and Buddy really love each other.
 Anna and Alex did the Murray Kids Triathlon on Labor Day.  It was especially a challenge for Anna because she ended up in an older age group with longer distances.  I didn't realize they would go by their age as of December 31, not day of race.  So she got to go on a long, hilly bike ride.  The swim and run were easy for her.  All three were pretty easy for Alex.
 My mom and I did the Triathamom triathlon again this year.  My poor mom couldn't front stroke on the swim because she had been in a car accident and had chest injuries from the seat belt.  It hurt her too much to do anything but backstroke.  She did awesome on the bike ride.  I improved my swimming this year, but did much worse at the bike.  The bike route was tougher than last year, and I had to walk my bike up two hills.  I didn't gear down my bike soon enough, so I got to a standstill and couldn't move.  Oh well.  :)
 This was Rachel at her last piano recital with her old teacher.
 First day of school.  Can you believe I have two middle schoolers?
 My two elementary kids were excited to start at their new school.
 Sam turned three!  Its hard to believe my baby is that old.
 Alex just finished up soccer.  He loved it, and did well!
I don't have much time to write these days.  With my kids being involved in many things, I often feel like I am riding the crazy train.  I frequently only have a few minutes between driving kids different places.

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