Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some new pics and a ramble

Well, we finally got family pictures this year.  The last time we had pictures was when I was pregnant with Sam.  He will be 14 months old next week.  How time has flown!
Everyone is doing well!  My older 3 kids are in school all day.  I chose not to put Alex in preschool this year.  He liked preschool, but he always asked if he could just stay home with me instead.  So, I am letting him have one last year of just staying home with me.  I am teaching him how to read and write and count.  Alex just had his 5th birthday.  Anna just had her 7th birthday.  I am already hearing, "How long is it until my birthday?"  Halloween costumes are picked out.  Rachel is going to her first school dance this Friday.  They needed volunteers for chaperones, but I decided I'd better not.  :)  I figured she wouldn't appreciate it.  She spoke in church for the first time on Sunday, and did a great job.  Since cross-country and swimming lessons are done for now, my evenings have become much nicer.  Rushing to get kids everywhere isn't always very fun.  Rachel and Caleb might join the swim team at the fitness center, and I told Anna I would sign her up for gymnastics.  So, things are bound to get busier again.  At least everything will be close by.  Alex wants do try soccer in the Spring.  Ahhh.....Spring, my favorite season of the year.  Can I just fast-forward winter as soon as the holidays are over? 
Sam is starting to talk a little, and its so cute.  He definitely knows Dad and No.  Mom was his first word.  He loves Mom, but is becoming a Daddy's boy.  He's discovered that Dad is more fun than Mom.  He loves going outside and screams if someone goes out without taking him with them.  Have you made it this far in my ramble?  Sometimes I have organized posts, but this is just some random writing.  :)
I love being a mom and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  Each of my kids is so special to me.  For one of Caleb's birthday presents, I gave him my old digital camera.  It was a really nice camera.  He said to me, "Why would you give this to me when you could sell it for a lot of money?"  He was thrilled to have it.  Now I've had to keep borrowing it cause my newer camera is having issues, and the warranty is over.  I am eyeballing  a new Nikon or Canon Rebel camera.  Good thing my birthday and Christmas are coming up. 
Well, that's all for today. I gotta take advantage of Sam's afternoon nap and get off the computer.


Sarah said...

What wonderful family pictures! I love them! They turned out so great. You have such a handsome/beautiful family. Oh, and I HATE winter too! It should be much shorter than it is!

Rowley Family said...

Rachel was the most beautiful Blue eyes!