Thursday, January 29, 2009

My 25 Things--Same as my facebook

This is just a copy from my facebook. It is 25 random things about me.

I hope I can think of that many things...Here's it goes
1. I hate black licorice
2. I like my toenails painted with purple polish
3. I got my Bachelor's degree in Accounting, but if I ever go back for a Master's degree, I'm gonna pick a different major.
4. I hate going to Walmart, and try to avoid it.
5. I like historical fiction novels.
6. I've never been skiing.
7. I like butternut squash raviolis.
8. I can't wait for spring because I'm excited to plant another garden.
9. In recent years, I've become allergic to everything scented--perfume, soap, lotion, stinky people etc.
10. I love chocolate.
11. My favorite ice cream is Cookies and Cream
12. I love Soarin California at California Adventure
13. After 4 kids, I've probably changed thousands of diapers.
14. I prefer sitting on the back row to being up in front of people.
15. My contact lens Rx is -4.75 in both eyes. I can't even see the big E on the eye charts.
16. I love running.
17. I hate winter.
18. I love to play the piano.
19. I don't watch much tv.
20. I hate matching the socks when I do the laundry. I let it pile up until there's a whole basket full and nobody has any socks left to wear.
21. I like reading cookbooks for fun. Mostly just dreaming of all the yummy food I could cook.
22. I like camping if I have a decent mattress to sleep on.
23. I don't like the way popcorn sounds when you chew it.
24. I do QA for a virtual call center from home. Not exactly what I went to college for, but it is flexible and I like having something to do besides housework.
25. I like to play tetris, though I haven't played it in years.

So, all the rest of you bloggers, let's see your 25 random things about you. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jenny & Idaho

A few weeks ago, I rode with my parents and Leslie to Idaho to visit Jenny and attend Austin's baptism. I took Alex with me and left the rest of the kids home. I had fun visiting Jenny and seeing her newly remodeled house. My dad treated us all to a Mexican Buffet restaurant. The food was good. Alex ate a lot. Jenny's daughter Hailey got whipped cream in her hair since she put so much on her dessert. It was funny. Alex was not a happy camper at Austin's baptism, so I saw the baptism part and that was about it. We spent most of the time in the hall. I wished that I could have stayed a little longer. But I don't think Dan and the kids at home would have liked that.

I don't remember exactly when Jenny and I got to be such great friends. I think it was about the time I became a stay-at-home mom. Both of our husbands were still in school. We started calling each other every day. We've been pregnant at the same time for the last two times, even though we didn't plan it that way. We've passed Maternity clothes to each other. When I bought my new favorite pair of jeans on sale, I sent her the link to buy some too. She loved the jeans too. (Comfy, not low-riders or too high).

Jenny and I frequently talk while we are cleaning and cooking. We usually know what the other one is cooking for dinner. I think she's probably a better cook---I wanna go eat at her house again.

Several years ago, when I was finishing up my degree at UVSC, Jenny watched my kids one day a week. I was really busy, and it was hard to get the kids ready and out the door. I would drop the kids off a little before lunch. Often times, Jenny would heat up a burrito or something and hand it to me as I ran out the door, trying to make it to class on time. I really appreciated it. We were poor at the time, so she watched my kids for free. I am really thankful that she helped me so I could finish up my schooling. (And thanks to Mom, Lynne, and everyone else who watched the kids.) Sometimes I look back at those times, and I think it was the "good old days" when we could hang out together.

I'm pretty sure that Jenny is probably going to always live in Idaho, and that Dan and I are always going to live in Utah. So, we are probably going to always be mostly phone buddies. But we love it when we do get to see each other. With her 5 kids, and my 4, it can be quite a madhouse.

I know that I can always call Jenny when I am happy, sad, or just plain bored. So Jenny, thanks for being my friend. I love you!

I love all of the rest of my sisters just as much---I just can't call you all the time because you work or go to school or both during the day.

Anna Sleeping

Anna doesn't really take naps much anymore. However, she is pretty sleepy in the afternoon and sometimes falls asleep in funny positions. As you can see in the top picture, the cat took on nap on top of Anna. Now if you know me, you know that I do not like animals in the house. Our cat Tizzy is always sneaking in the house to hang out. Since she is potty-trained, I let her stay in the house for a few minutes here and there.
I was surprised that Anna could fall asleep like she is in the second picture. I moved her after I took the picture since I didn't want her to roll off the couch.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Funny things the kids have said lately

The other day I made popcorn for the kids. When they got to the bottom of the bag, Caleb declared that he wanted to save some of the seeds to plant a popcorn tree. I laughed and reminded him that it was just a kind of corn. He said he had just forgotten that.

During the sacrament at church, we give our kids a stack of small pictures of Jesus to look at to try to keep them quiet. Anna looked at one where Jesus was on the shore telling the fisherman to come unto him. Anna said rather loudly, "Jesus is just telling them that he doesn't want to go fishing."

Rachel was complaining about winter and how it gets dark so early. I hate it too, and I agreed with her. Then she pointed out something that I hadn't thought about. She said that the good thing about winter is that we can watch the sunrise every morning. In the summer it comes up too early, and she is never awake to see it. She said that we need to keep a camera on the kitchen counter so that we can take a picture of the sunrise every morning.

Caleb the other day said, "So, there's two kinds of chopsticks. The kind you eat with, and the kind you put on your lips". I guess he had gotten chopsticks and chapstick mixed up.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What is it with guys and long hair??

Now, I am not talking about guys with long hair. I'm talking about why do guys like long hair.
As I was admiring my haircut (that I've had for a few weeks) this morning, I said to Dan, "I really like my hair a lot better, don't you?" His answer. Actually, I liked it better long.
My hair is about as straight as hair can get. I would never need to buy a hair straightening iron since it is so straight. The longer my hair gets, the flatter it gets. And the worse it looks, in my opinion. It's not like I have a boy haircut. My hair is chin-length with an A-line.
I remember Jenny telling me something similar after a recent haircut also. Her husband likes her hair better long also.
My mom had her hair really long several times when I was a kid. She didn't like her hair long. But my dad loved her hair to be long.
So, what is it with guys and long hair???

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I'm not very good with making or keeping resolutions, but here's what I've come up with:
1. Get my house more organized.
We actually got a head start on this today. We spent the whole day cleaning and organizing. My kids keep sneaking stuff out of the DI bag, so I need to do more de-junking when they aren't around.
2. Remember to read scriptures with the kids more often. After 2 years of reading the Book of Mormon with our kids, not just the kids reader, we are still only at the beginning of the book of Alma. We gotta do better on this.
3. Run a half-marathon, and survive a triathlon.
I am planning on the Ogden 1/2 Marathon. We have a triathlon picked out too. But I'm feeling rather chicken on the triathlon. I went swimming with Mom and Les recently. I am much slower than they are, and I can only swim 10 laps, while they are swimming 20. And that's with stopping after 2 pool lengths. I don't know if I can do it. I'm gonna try. The swimming seems so hard.
4. Be more cheerful and not get grumpy as easily.
5. Be more social. Some days life at home is really lonely. I have gotten out of the habit of being social and inviting people to do things. I need to get out of this rut.
6. Try some new recipes. I really like to cook something different sometime.
Well, that's all I can think of for tonight. I still gotta get the kids to bed and it is almost 10pm.